About Conserve®

Safety Law
  • Compliance requires more than just trust in a contractor. Failing to meet obligations under Workplace Health and Safety legislation can be disastrous for both contractors and the businesses that engage them. However, resourcing and maintaining the capability to manage contractors in-house remains a challenge for organisations right across all industries.
  • Conserve® features a team of experienced contractor compliance professionals, who take time to understand your organisation's requirements, bringing their industry knowledge and best-practice approach to contractor management.
  • Conserve® onboards the contractors, making sure they have the appropriate safety systems, licences and insurances in place, ensuring they are qualified and competent. During this process the contractors are assisted by a locally based support team and once approved, can also obtain work with other Conserve® clients.
  • Conserve® provides an easy-to-follow overview of the contractors' status, and allows clients to prequalify and maintain compliant contractors, source approved contractors from the Conserve database and deliver corporate and site inductions.