Client Benefits

Implementation of BNG ConserveTM provides clients with significant benefits. Some of which are:

  • Risks from contractor activities (e.g. WH&S, environmental risks etc.) are eliminated or mitigated
  • A cost effective solution for managing contractor information / documentation
  • Access to other fully accredited contractors in the BNG ConserveTM system.
  • On-line real time access to all pertinent contractor information / documentation in a central database down loadable via the internet by authorised managers from any location.
  • The adequacy and effectiveness of contractors’ WH&S management system assessed through an in built audit tool compliant with AS 4801.
  • On line competency based client inductions for contractor employees, negating the need for face-to-face (resource intensive) inductions, including refresher inductions as required.
  • Training in contractor safety management for contract managers / coordinators / supervisors.

Contractor Benefits

Implementation of BNG ConserveTM provides contractors with significant benefits, some of which are:

  • One accreditation and one annual license fee, but assigned to multiple clients, resulting in being listed in multiple clients “approved contractor” lists in the system – cost effective solution.
  • Listed in BNG approved list of contractors (all accredited contractors in the system), allowing easy “search” by clients resulting in business opportunity.
  • BNG ConserveTM accreditation is gaining widespread recognition, hence a good “marketing” opportunity for contractors to promote their services to other clients as a “quality” contractor.
  • Process to alert contractors to renew and update their information and keep their information current.
  • Central repository all their pertinent WH&S information that can be down loaded readily as a package for tendering purposes etc.
  • Opportunity to continually improve their WH&S management system through self audits using the in-built audit tool that is compliant to AS 4801.