Who is a Registered Contractor?

A registered Contractor is a Contractor who has initiated the first step of the accreditation process by completing the online registration for their business. This involves providing some basic information such business name; ABN; address; contact details etc.

What does Accreditation mean?

Once all relevant information (as specified by the client) has been submitted by the contractor on-line, BNG will review and verify that the client specified criteria has been met. The contractor is then formally accredited as an approved contractor for that client.

What does Assignment mean?

An accredited contractor maybe assigned to a different client provided that client’s specified criteria is met. On assignment the contractor will be included in that client’s approved contractor list as well. Contractors maybe assigned to multiple clients without additional work or costs.

Who is an Approved Contractor?

An approved contractor is a contractor who has met all client specified criteria and is listed in that client’s “approved contractor” list. Clients will only engage contractors from their approved contractors list.

Who is a De-Activated Contractor?

A de-activated contractor is an approved contractor who has been temporarily de-activated in BNG Conserve, due to expiry of insurance documentation. Re-activation will occur as soon as current insurance information is uploaded into BNG Conserve.