Process Steps

Step 1: Contractor Registration

  • Contractors register their details on
  • BNG contacts them via email and advises them of next steps and information required

Step 2: Upload Information

  • Contractors enter all required information and upload documentation in BNG Conserve
  • BNG provides assistance to contractors if required

Step 3: Information Validation

  • Contractors advise BNG on completion of data entry and document upload
  • BNG reviews each data / documentation and validates
  • BNG requests for additional information /documentation if required

Step 4: Accreditation / Assignment

  • BNG will accredit the contractor and include the contractor in the client’s “approved contractor” list
  • For multiple clients in the system, BNG will assign contractor to each client on authorisation and include them in the respective clients’ “approved contractor” lists.

Step 5: Employee On- Line Induction

  • Contractor employees access induction material for on-line inductions on accreditation
  • Induction license issued by the system to each employee