What is BNG Conserve

What BNG Conserve TM does?

  • Staff at BNG Contractor Services Pty Ltd, review, validate, accredit and include accredited contractors in respective client’s “approved contractor’ list on BNG ConserveTM.
  • Contractors maintain their accreditation in BNG ConserveTM and remain on their client’s approved contractor list through continuous updating of contractor information in the system as they become due.
  • Clients engage only those contractors who are on their “approved contractor” list.
  • Accredited contractors maybe assigned to other clients in the system, on authorisation, and maybe included in those clients’ “approved contractor” lists at no additional cost.

How BNG Conserve TM does this?

  • Contractor information is entered and validation documents uploaded into BNG ConserveTM by contractors (assisted by BNG Contractor Services Pty Ltd staff).
  • The system generates automatic email alerts well in advance, to contractors when any information in the system becomes due for renewal requesting contractors to update their information in the system.
  • Through this process of continual reminders (email alerts) and updating of information in BNG ConserveTM, all relevant contractor information in the system will always remain current.
  • Clients can confidently engage contractors from their approved list in the full knowledge that all relevant contractor information is valid and current, without the need for sourcing these from the contractors at the time of engagement.