HSE Auditing & Consulting Services

Workplace Safety Australia has significant experience in the development and implementation of Health Safety and Environmental Systems and experience allows our professionals to provide Safety, Risk Management Services and Training across a wide range of client requirements.

These are outlined below.

Service area Description Benefits provided
Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) consultancy expertise. Consultancy on Technical safety, risk management and HSE in general. Covers HSE requirements at both project and operations stages. Secure high competence within HSE functions in both projects and operation.
Development of HSE and Risk management systems. Consultancy, verification and audits in development and implementation of HSE systems. HSE and risk management system in accordance with regulations and requirements.
HSE auditing and inspections. Audits and/or inspections with regard to licenses in regulations, identification of discrepancies. Identification of improvements, and corrective actions in accordance with requirement.
Exposure Assessments. Assess exposure to workplace risk factors to determine acceptability of controls and need for additional exposure reduction.

Understanding of exposure profiles of personnel.

Compliance with HSE Hazardous Substances regulations and risk assessment requirements .

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