Enterprise Risk Management

Conducted  at  Board  and  Senior  Management  levels,  risk  analysis  and  assessments  are  generally highly mathematical and academic, often resulting in outputs that, due to their complexity, are difficult to use.

Workplace  Safety  Australia  conducts  Enterprise  Risk  assessments  at  Board  and  Senior  Management levels using a Semi Quantitative workshop process. This workshop based process  enables  the  knowledge  inherent  within  client  organisations  to  be  easily  extracted  and combined with ‘hard’ historical and scientific data. Data is applied to a purpose designed  risk  model  that  performs  the  analysis  in  a  highly  systematic,  disciplined  and  auditable way.

The  resulting  output  is  useable,  easy  to  understand,  and  can  be  updated  when  new  information becomes available.