Risk Management

Introduction to Risk Management

The management of risk is now recognised as an integral part of good management practice and takes many forms. It can affect a company's profitability, image, operations, safety and the environment. It is an iterative process consisting of steps which enable continual improvement in decision making. The management of risk is increasingly becoming a key issue within Government and industry.

Quantification of the probability and potential magnitude of risks greatly helps in the efficient management of ongoing business while helping in the decision making process when developing new projects.

We have the skills to help you to understand the business risks that impact your company’s performance and bottom line. Good business risk management will bring positive benefits to your business by:

  • Significantly reducing business interruptions due to controlled risks;
  • Utilising and implementing risk prioritisation as a business tool;
  • Introducing a "risk management culture" at all levels;
  • Significantly reducing workers compensation costs and other insurance costs.