Safety Online Audit Tool

The new updated ISO 45001 SSD Safety Management System Online Interactive Audit Tool concentrates on the interaction between an organisation and its business environment to produce a process based audit analysis that enables an auditor to consider both risks and opportunities, and allows the views of all interested parties and stakeholders to be included in the process.

Developed in accordance with ISO 45001, the audit tool will be familiar to both previous users of our audit tools and those individuals who operate within the other ISO management systems (for example ISO 14001 or ISO 9001).

The internet-based audit tool is unique in that it can be used globally. The audit tool is divided into 8 Standards. Standards 1-7 is the system-based audit and Standard 8 is the on-site audit. The user audits Standards 1-7 by answering the questions, following the guidelines and verifying the documentation. Standard 8 is the on-site system compliance audit. This audit can be completed using all mobile devices (for example tablets and smart phones) allowing photos and videos of the site to be included in the audit results. The audit tool produces scored results, generates action item lists and performance graphs.

The organisation is able to conduct different off-site audits and attach them to the main master system audit allowing both a snap shot sample selection of the various sites and a comparative analysis of the sites of an organisation.

Audit the 8 Standards of ISO 45001

  1. Context of the Organisation
  2. Leadership and Worker Participation
  3. Planning
  4. Support
  5. Operation
  6. Performance Evaluation
  7. Improvement
  8. On-Site System Compliance

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