Safety Online Audit Tool

The new focus on business today is to provide a paper trail of evidence with supporting documentation to clearly demonstrate compliance with OH&S industry standards and legislative requirements.

Indeed, the courts have determined that a proactive OH&S management system is necessary, in fact essential, for a valid defence at law. The use of the SSD Safety Management System Online Audit Tool will provide this evidence of a proactive approach to managing occupational health and safety for a company.

The SSD Safety Management System Online Audit Tool audits against all 13 elements of AS/NZS 4801 Standards, and International Standards OHSAS 18001 and BS 8800 to internally audit your occupational health & safety management system. The SSD Safety Management System Online Audit Tool produces scored quantitative audit results, performance graphs and automatically generates action item lists and audit reports for compliance with AS/NZS 4801.

The SSD Safety Management System Online Audit Tool gives a company’s safety manager the ability to continually assess the gaps within their occupational health & safety management system on a state or national level, and provides guidance for the on-going development and implementation of appropriate programs, processes and systems in line with the philosophy of continuous improvement.

Audit the 13 Elements of AS/NZS 4801

  1. Leadership, commitment and accountability
  2. Planning, objectives and targets
  3. Legal compliance and system documentation
  4. Training and competency
  5. Consultation, communication and engagement
  6. Risk management
  7. Emergency preparedness and response
  8. Incident management
  9. Monitoring and measurement
  10. Health and hygiene control
  11. Management system audits, reviews and reporting
  12. Materials and services management
  13. Operational control (On-Site System Compliance).

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